Your pet is our passion, its health our priority


With a health plan, your pet will live longer and with a better quality of life thanks to early
diagnosis of diseases and preventive medicine.

We anticipate any problem, thus avoiding possible diseases and achieving faster healing. If you have a health plan and the animals gets sick, you will have discounts on all tests.
Your partner will be well looked after all year round with unlimited visits.
Get your health plan and start saving money now!

Clínica veterinaria Animalvet


To contract the plan, the animals must be identified with the microchip at the time of

All veterinary services will be carried out at Clínica Veterinaria Animalvet.

Animals with previous illnesses must be assessed before contracting the plan.

Clínica Veterinaria Animalvet reserves the right not to accept the contracting of the plan if for any reason it does not consider it appropriate.

The plan lasts for one year from the start date. The clinic undertakes to remember the expiration date of the plan sufficiently in advance to offer its renewal.

The amount is not refundable or exchangeable or transferable in the event of loss,
transfer or death of the animal.


Veterinary Clinic in Mijas

We deal with both the diagnosis and the treatment of pets, carrying out a personalized follow-up for each client to ensure the best care that your
pet needs.

Clínica veterinaria Animalvet

The best of Animalvet

Modern clinic with easy parking

Our veterinary clinic in Mijas has a large area so that parking is not a problem.

Adapted health plans

In addition, we carry out a complete follow-up and give you advice so that you can offer better care to your pets.

Equipped with the most advanced technology

Having the latest technological innovations helps us offer an excellent service at the forefront of technique and medical excellence.

Veterinary team in continuous training

We are in constant training to improve, day by day, the efficiency in the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of our patients.